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Private modification of your tubular magazine rimfire & centrefire to 10 rounds

$300.00 Incl GST

If you missed out on the government funded modification or you prefer to have this done privately at your cost, the cost to modify a centrefire or rimfire tubular magazine firearm is $300 incl GST.  

Payment is required at time of drop off. 

As we only have a limited amount of storage, once your firearm has been modified, we ask you pick up as soon as possible which will allow another person to drop their firearm off for modification.

If your firearm is being couriered you will need to pay the courier fee of $30 each way.

Due to storage capabilities, we are running a “email queuing” system.  

As this modification is being privately paid for, we cannot issue you with a government “certificate of completion” however, as we are Police approved gunsmiths for modifying your tubular magazine firearm, your firearm will be modified to police standards and you will be issued an invoice stating your firearm now complies with current legislation and the invoice will show the make, model and serial number of your modified firearm.  

So we can add you to our queue, we will need the following information from you emailed to us:

Bolt action firearms - We require the bolt for any bolt action firearms we modify

If you are interested in having your tubular magazine modified with Gunworks please register your firearm with us by emailing ( the following information:

First name:


Best contact number:

Alternative contact number:


Firearms Licence No.                     

Full Expiry Date (bottom right hand corner of licence):






Serial No.

Are you dropping off and picking up your firearm directly from us? 

If no, we can freight your firearm back to you but at the moment we can only send to a Gunshop/Dealer, please let us know which Gunshop/Dealership you would like us to send back to.