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Lighten Remington 700 Bolt 2 Cut Skeletonise Combo

$545.57 Incl GST


Option 1 (with firing pin assembly & bolt shroud) ** note if you currently have a halfcock on your remington bolt, this will be removed with the addition of a new firing pin assembly, we can swap your old cocking peice over to your bolt to recitify this however it is a 30 min additional $49 procedure which you must request otherwise it won't be done **

Flute $138.00 incl GST

Firing Pin Assembly & Bolt Shroud $237.00 incl GST

Lighten bolt handle & new bolt knob $195.50 incl GST

= $570.50 discounted to $545.57

Option 2 (no firing pin assembly & bolt shroud)

Flute $138.00 incl GST 

Lighten Bolt Handle with 2 cuts and new bolt knob $195.50

= $333.50 incl GST discounted to $325.00

Please note if your bolt is blued, it will need to be reblued so will take longer than 7-10 working days to complete