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Birchwood Casey Moly Lube Aerosol Can 4oz

$21.00 Incl GST

Aerosol Can. A dry film lubricant designed to lubricate and penetrate, forming a smooth, extremely slippery surface on metal. Molybdenum disulfide particles are deposited onto metal surfaces and give maximum lubricity and wear resistance, even under extreme temperatures and pressures. Wont attract and hold dust, dirt or other contaminants! Easy-to-use Moly Lube Dry Film Lubricant uses an almost instant-drying solvent/degreaser as the carrier in a convenient, aerosol can. Especially suited for internal lubrication of moving parts on all firearms. Recommended for precision airguns where petroleum lubricants are not advised.

Q: Does Moly Lube contain graphite?
A: No, it does not. 'Moly refers to molybdenum disulfide. Though graphite is similar in appearance, and is commonly used as a solid lubricant, it is not in Birchwood Casey Moly Lube.

Q: Will Moly Lube harm polymer handgun frames or plastics?
A: Incidental exposure should be fine.

Q: Does Moly Lube contain ammonia or Teflon?
A: No, it does contain hydro-carbons.